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A internet/tv provider that costs $19.95....for the first five months that is. after that it costs aroung $85. it has 800+ channels, though like 200 of theme are spanish, and another 50 or so has the same exact thing on as the channel below or beneth it. the internet price is worth it if you are a seroius gamer who wants no lag. it feature a terrible collection of free movies that you've most likesly never heard of. the good movies cost like $5.00 to see.
If you get comcast, prepare to drop alot of money.....
by imjustapoorboynobodylovesme November 30, 2006
74 31
Exclamation. Used to express disdain, frustration, and general malaise with emphasis.
1. Comcast! I ran over my mailbox.
2. That was the most comcasting awful movie I've ever seen.
by Comcaster May 21, 2013
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The biggest Cable service provider in North America. The fact that they are the biggest cable internet provider in North America and you can still run all your favorite P2P without restrictions says something about them. Yes they had SEVERE reliability probems back when they upgraded everyone to ~45KB UP 420KB Down for a few months but thats been fixed. If you want REAL satellite TV service get C-band. Thats the dishes the 8 foot dishes you see abandoned in most dumbasses yards.
1. I transfer 150 GB a month of warez with my Comcast and everythings fine. All that I do is stay away from Kazaa to avoid getting owned by the RIAA. Can your DSL do that?
2. I took my cable modem to my friends house for the LAN party and we had fast internet service. Can your DSL do that?
3. I found a free TV that some one was throwing out, connected it to Comcast Cable and watched channels 2-125 with no compression artifacts with a total cost of $0.00, can your DirecTV do that?
4.I ordered a PPV movie and watched it at my convenience with ON DEMAND for 24 hrs. Can your DirecTV do that?
5. Back in the day all i did was order some stuff to watch free DirecTV and they sued me for the amount assuming i watched every PPV and premium channel similtaniously 24/7, more then ill ever make in 10 lifetimes cause all wanted to do is watch that PPV wrestling and maybe some free porn with my friend Bubba. Thanks DirecTV!!!
by Thuggin` September 12, 2005
53 98
a company that charges way to much for services but is really good in the san francisco bay area
everyone says there internet has problems but i haven't had any
there phone is almost as good a deal as vonage

1 how much was ur cable bill? 150 for too little
2 comcast internet is some good shit in the bay
3 unlimited phone service kicks ass
by Jose Venura July 17, 2006
19 68
a really great cable company. very cheap, too. i have internet and tv cable from them and only pay $66 a month for both. the internet is really fast, and the on-demand feature is great.
Bob went to the video store to rent a movie but could not find it. I watched it on Comcast
by SexyLexie April 02, 2007
27 83
Comcast is a really great cable, internet, and phone company. It is very reliable, and their customer service is GREAT! If my internet ever goes down, they have it up and running within an hour. The On Demand features are great as well!.. I've learned dating tips, dance moves, and how to play guitar through watching things On Demand. I highly recommend it, love love love my comcast. It really is COMCASTIC. Also sometimes the prices seem unreasonable, but they aren't.. comcast is SOOO worth it!
Hey dude Comcast completes me, it really is Comcastic!
by flimsyfloo March 12, 2008
18 82