The act in which you have anal sex, then have sex with the girls breasts, giving a large brown streak, or a columbian neck tie.
I gave that dirty whore a columbian neck tie.
by The Q-Man March 20, 2005
Top Definition
Taking a knife to someones throat high enough up to be able to pull the tongue back down through it, ie, a tongue necktie.
That mother f*er done me wrong, give em a columbian necktie.
by robmyaeg May 03, 2006
The act in which a person slits someones upper throat (but not so that they die), and then pulls their tounge out through the slit.
"What should we do with him?"
"Lets give him a Columbian neck tie."
by Silentkilla October 23, 2003
the act of slicing someone's throat and pulling their tongue out of the hole.
"dude! ronnie got killed!"
"oh my god, how?"
"that new kid gave him a columbian necktie!"
by hehehe :) October 01, 2009
The act of slitting one's throat and pulling the esophagus through the opening creating.
if that guy keeps talking smack, I'm going to give him a columbian necktie for his birthday
by Max October 15, 2003

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