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coke, booger sugar, nose candy, yayo, crack, etc
pretty much cocaine:P
Reese: There's nothing like fear that will make a man avoid prison, so I taped a bag of cocain under the hood of the car and called the boys in blue. Now the way I see it, you got about two minutes before you're serving 5 to 10. So what's it gonna be: Jail or prison?
Ricky: What are you talking about?!
Reese: Real simple son! Cops are comin', and there's a kilo of Columbian bam bam underneath the car! Time to be a man! You got hair on your peaches or what? Let's go!

by Bob Chingchongedy July 05, 2007
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The act of ejaculating into someone else's nose
I gave that girl a Columbian Bam-Bam last night.
by The Luck of the Irish 518 February 16, 2013

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