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A Medium sized town in central missouri representing the most liberal area for over one hundred miles in any direction. It is also the home of the university of missouri and pulls in many great musicians as well as artists. Also, being the fourth largest town in the state, it draws in crowds from all over the surrounding area to do things like go to the mall.
Mark: Dude, lets go to Columbia tonight,
Ross: Yeah, I heard that its the only place in mid missouri to find a famous barr.
by Mark Andre August 21, 2005
A town with an impressive local music scene, but also apparently home to people who don't know anything about the city (IE: those who call it "homophobic" and don't think there's anything fun to do besides "drink in the middle of corn").
It's too bad that some people are ignorant and give Columbia a bad name.
by No, seriously... March 20, 2005
A small, yet homophobic town where people are primarily distracted by frat parties and field parties.
person 1: there's nothing to do
person 2: lets so drink in the middle of corn
person 1: yeah that sounds like a blast!
by ocfangurl March 17, 2005
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