A place where the weather changes from freezing cold to heat stroke inducing in matter of days (not an exaggeration). Where your either a yuppie, snowboard bum, or non-english speaking. If it weren't for the great snowboarding and skiing, Colorado would collapse into itself due to all the boredom of all people existing on it.
"So wheres the ocean?"
"Um there is none... but we can go to Chatfield, a big pond with huge jagged rocks on the bottom and smelly green polluted water and call it the ocean."
by Evil Bella March 20, 2004
A state which is (or was) the home to the kids responsible to Columbine, the Ramsey family, Alfred Packerd the cannibal, and Focus on the Family. A state where you are either from a big city but you have SAD and your doctor told you to move, a yuppie who read an article about how great Denver is for business or kids, a New Ager who wants to be in Boulder with your crystals, a religious wacko, a farmer, a suburbanite, a collegekid, or training with the Air Force. No wonder so many people end up having illegal affairs here or killing people.
I'm in Colorado now, fun.
by whatever works February 04, 2005
colorado is a place of abundant pretencious liberal sluts who enjoy mamma kitty titty nipples, oily faces, incest, enjoy announcing EVERY time they work out, have "guilty musical pleasures" like Kelly Clarkson, accuse people of stealing things EVERYDAY, calling people neat when they've never met them, obsessing over college guys they don't know, developing irrational obsessions, drunk calling people they've never met, "kind of" having sex with people,making shortened names for everything and everywhere, using suppositories, advertising their highschool popularity and bragging about how much they miss the mountains, and how the most beautiful, intelligent, athletic, in shape, healthy, most popular, funniest and wonderful people could only come from this most outrageously OVERRATED state.
Person A(from colorado):"I miss the mountains!"
Person B(from ANYWHERE else):"Please go back to them!"
by William Blue Beauford Drake November 29, 2006
place where absolutely nothing exciting ever occurs, besides the stock show, cow tipping, and skiing/snowboarding in the winter. none of which are that cool anyway.
person #1: Where are you from?
person #2: Colorado
person #1: that sucks
by iamextremelybored June 04, 2005

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