They think their state is so cold and blah blah blah... Maybe if they'd get out of the mountains it wouldnt be so damn cold.
Colorado douche--Fraser, Colorado is wayy colder than International Falls.

Minnesotan-- Well if international falls was over 8,000 feet above sea level it would be 6 thousand times colder.

(International Falls is just over 1,000 feet above sea level)
by Greeby July 24, 2011
State in the U.S. founded in 1876 located in the Rocky Mountain region. Denver is it's capitol.
Colorado... brown... synonyms?
by Anonymous November 09, 2003
A term used to to define an extremely sore bottom.

When a person has some sort of Ass pain (Aspen) it is termed as Colorado.
Bob: What's up with you man, you are walking all funny

Murray: I ate a really hot curry last night and it totally scorched my ring

Bob: Ooooooh that sounds bad, is it sore?

Murray: Yep, serious Colorado!
by Bobnitro September 15, 2009
A bad place with nothing to do, unless your a druggie
This place sucks, yeah it must be Colorado
by CJ1600 March 30, 2010
a state where big trucks and horses can roam free. a place where everyone in suburbia wishes that they were on the east coast. a place where the only people who appreciate the true colorado beauty are tree huggers, pot smokers, and adventurists. and a place that has endless entertainment possiblities for the overly spontanious.
"what do you wanna do?"
"i dunno,wanna go fourwheeling?"
"ok, then we can all just camp there."
"Ya, and we should get waisted and chase fish down the river."
by skibum88 June 07, 2005
The state where South Park is situated in. That's pretty much all I know about Colorado, it seems kinda cold.
South Park is Colorado's most interesting town.
by Fresti June 10, 2007
A place where the weather changes from freezing cold to heat stroke inducing in matter of days (not an exaggeration). Where your either a yuppie, snowboard bum, or non-english speaking. If it weren't for the great snowboarding and skiing, Colorado would collapse into itself due to all the boredom of all people existing on it.
"So wheres the ocean?"
"Um there is none... but we can go to Chatfield, a big pond with huge jagged rocks on the bottom and smelly green polluted water and call it the ocean."
by Evil Bella March 20, 2004

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