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baseball team in Denver, playing in Pitcher's Hell (Coors Field)
The Rockies are usually competitive, but never too good.
by Baseballer March 28, 2004
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Baseball expansion team that first played in the 1993 season. First 12 seasons characterized by solid offence at home, anemic offence on the road, mediocre to horrible pitching, and bonehead General Managers.
Thanks to Dealin' Dan O'Dowd, the Colorado Rockies will be paying Mike Hampton and Denny Neagle well into the next decade.
by ScabNainz January 13, 2005
Act of shiting on a women chest, and haveing her rub her titis toether while you rub your cock in between them creating a beautiful brown mountain scape.
I colorado rockies my girl and then had her lick my chocolate cone.
by kel rock September 22, 2006
baseball team who made the playoffs in their 3rd year of existence ('95), and haven't made it since; great offence/crappy pitchers
The Rockies scored 12 runs, but lost 15-12, cause their pitchers suck.
by 0000 October 16, 2003
The baseball team of Denver, Colorado who played the Boston Red Sox in the world series of 2007. Noted for their initials CR or Clown Rapists.
Did you catch the Rox last night?
Man, I love the Colorado Rockies aka Clown Rapists
by Raul di L'Yefkereff May 11, 2008

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