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A person in the color gaurd who over exaggerates being in color gaurd and can't stand to talk about anything but color gaurd. They will often have a profile picture of them in their uniform and won't stop talking about the difficulties of color gaurd when really it's just a place for girls who weren't talented enough to be on the cheer or poms team.
Madison: "Hey do you know Julie?"
Peter: "yeah she's a total color tard and won't shut up about it."
by Iris208 November 15, 2014
mean thing to call members of the color gaurd
look at that girl holding her flag upside-down
yeah man she is such a color tard
by Lizzy O. August 20, 2007
A member of a Colorguard organization, usually brainwashed into thinking their cult has some sort of artistic, athletic, or entertaining merit.
She was trying to explain some stupid crap about flags and I yawned, and she walked off in a fit, what happened?

She's a Colortard.
by Font McBuff January 01, 2010
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