a young woman who is loyal to her school while keeping the band a colorful and fun place to be they are amazing friends and if ur lucky enough to meet there standards and date them they will start asking u to go to their indoor performances and if u say no they will proceed to yell at you they also have friends tht are sometimes hard to deal with(a.k.a. othe guard members) but if u befriend them and help them they will treat u like ur part of the team so all in all guard girls are the best women in the world
my bestfriend: dude did u see tht color guard girl
me: ya didnt u here im dating her captain
Bestrfriend: really dude it must keep u busy with goin to indoors and carrying flags and all tht
me: no not really
by trombone leader07 June 13, 2012
Top Definition
A dedicated, tough, strong, girl with a big personality and cocky at times. ♥

And is a beast at spinning ALL the things! :)
a color guard girl is...
when they dislocate their knee in the first 15secs of their championship winter guard show, and still perform their ass off like nothing else matters.♥

They spin everything they lay their hands on♥

When she's pissed off and still has a smile on her face and is continuing her life's performance.
by color guard memes June 12, 2012
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