Clothing of a specific color and/or style, identifying person's association with a particular gang. Basically, gangster version of an armed forces uniform.
Wassup homie, why ain't you wearing colors today?
by V. Kroenen July 05, 2005
The stupi american way to spell words that were formerly and firstly spelt in the correct way, americans were either to stupid or to lazy or both, to manage to spell this word properly and decided that they were better than the rest of the world.
Boy: Mum i typed colour into word and it changed to color, what do i do?
Mum, there's nothing you can do, dumb americans!!!
by Mahchawinka April 06, 2006
1. In a military ceremony, the American flag and other flags of honor carried with it by the color guard.
1. At today's military ceremony, the colors were the American flag and the Navy flag.
by dvdwinter9 January 13, 2007
Motorcycling organization terminology that denotes both all patches pertaining to the insignia of the club itself and also the vest or sleeveless jacket the insignia is attached to.
Wearing colors can either cause you to be treated like a celebrity or like you are second-class.
by Daniel A. Smith, ABD February 27, 2006
color, a figment of our imagination misleading us to what things really look like. color is the amount of light some thing abosorbs to be reflected through the pigments in our eyes causing what we see to be portraid as we see them.
a book that is red is only red because of the amount of light it can absorb and
by laurence saputra May 03, 2004
wearing of clothing indicating membership in a biker organization
Sign on country bar reads:
"Sorry, NO COLORS"
by bulldog May 16, 2004
a color
yellow, blue, red, green, black, brown, etc...
by imma bitch June 05, 2003

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