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a long thick penis usually measures 7 inches and above
"that colombian dude from the club tottaly streched me out last night"
"I sure love that colombian penis, they fuck the best"
by SwtSensatian69 March 07, 2007
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1. The sexual stereotype that Hispanic men, Including Colombian men, have below-average to small sized penises. However, they are still bigger than the smallest ethnic group which is the Asians.

2. A slang term for a small penis, originating from the notion that men from Colombia, particularly the capital Bogota, possess small penises.

Multiple Studies on the correlation between penis size and Race have confirmed the following order in penis size (largest to smallest):

Arab, Black, White, Hispanic, Asian.

The studies noted that the largest penises came from the Sudanese-Arabs which possess penises as large as 12-inches.
``Colombian Girl: hey hun, where were you last night. u just dissapeared..

White Girl: yeah, remember that hispanic guy u saw me dancing with in the club, well i ended up going back to his house and he supposedly had sex with me..

Colombian Girl: really! and how did that go

White Girl: my god it was terrible, he lived up to that Colombian Penis stereotype! his penis was SOO small, like 4 inches and he didnt even know how to use it! and on top of that he beat me because i laughed when he pulled it out! i never knew those colombian men were so violent!

Colombian Girl: Im sorry hun, thats the reason why I left colombia, to escape the small penises and physical abuse, i couldnt take it any longer. Im so happy i came to North-America, they have so many different types of penises and they are all so much bigger than back home!``

``Latino penises are "below average" because of all the rice and beans they eat. That is also the reason why the majority of them are short. HOWEVER, Latinos put most oriental-asians to shame.``
by A Colombian Chica December 02, 2009
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1. Of or pretaining to small dicks

2. A penis that gets little to no action
1. I feel as though i have a colombian penis, it's just that small.
by Thomas Henry June 07, 2006
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