by CHADWICK November 29, 2012
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Short for colocation center.

A location where data servers are kept by data providers for customer access.
Jon: "Site's 404d again."
Frank: "Time to go pay the colo another visit!"
by JustanotherITguy December 07, 2009
It basically means cool, amazing, fantastic (etc).
It started of as a typing mistake when someone wanted to type 'cool' but it came out as 'colo'.
It can be used on chat rooms or in real life.
I had colo evening with my mates!
by Crazyvampiregirl July 10, 2010
A very sad, depressing person to be around. Often has murderous tendancies to his "friends" for no real reason, usually due to running out of fruit pastilles too quickly. May or may not be a cannibal
Seán: Hey Rob, have you seen that really Colo guy?
Rob: Didn't you hear, William knocked his Fruit Pastilles out of his hand, so he took out an Uzi and killed everyone. Then he ate their livers.
Seán: Huh
by TIGNation October 08, 2010
another but cooler word for awesome
dude that was so colo when you sniped that guy.
by streetsurfer January 15, 2010
A nickname for the upcoming late night schedule that will Feature Conan O'Brien and George Lopez on TBS
"I'm with CoLo"
by The Eleventh Doctor April 17, 2010
Slang name for a drama infested movie theatre where most of the staff are unintelligent self-involved morons in the west end of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
Dude, the colo is such a shitty place to work cuz of all the tards I work with
by Dude, the wall is talking April 19, 2006
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