To repeatedly injure yourself in stupid scenarios, often causing humility and disdain. Most prevelant in Irish regions but can be experienced in other geographical regions.
Did you hear about Greg? He Collinsed himself again with a radiator. Last week he Collinsed himself while running with scissors in the hall.
by Flyasophical April 03, 2009
Top Definition
To be decisively proved wrong after making an unsupported statement, or to be owned in a more general sense.

Similar to owned and sonned.
"Yeah, she tried to argue with the professor, but he's an expert and she got straight collinsed."

Person 1: Ahh, I'm not worried, you can't hit the last cup
Person 2 (after hitting the last cup): Collinsed!
by prince reader May 25, 2009
To get extremely intoxicated. A sloppy drunk.
Kim got Collinsed last night. She pissed in a crowded parking lot and threw up in the car.
by Bday27 June 30, 2013
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