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A relatively new dancehall artist who was born in New Orleans, moved to Toronto and then eventually to Bermuda. He is "white" and has a passing resemblance to Eminem. His actual race is debatable although he was born in New Orleans, so he could be of Creole or mixed Creole descent. He openly reps for "Bermy" or Bermuda and that is home to him. However, when it comes to breaking it down to race, he is considerably "whiter" than Sean Paul. His voice, however, is so authentic sounding that you'd swear he was anything but white. He has a very good and innovatice dancehall style that is a cross between Yellowman and Sean Paul. Currently he only has 2 songs out "Come Around" and "Mamacita." The first is probably the best weed anthem since Cypress Hill put out "Stoned is the Way of the walk" in 1991!
Collie Buddz sure ain't no Snow, that boy can SPIT what?!
by Wu vs Indie culture nigga September 04, 2006

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