Kinda like the 60's only with ipods and a wider variety of drugs and STDs
Grandpa: Well little Billy are you excited to go off to college?
Little Billy: Yea I'ts gonna be the time of my life!!
by Ram Rod July 31, 2008
A place to go where you can hear useless people pontificate on worthless topics. Seriously, all professors went into academia because the real world frightens them. If they actually had to go to a job that helped people or produced a viable product, well, that would just be hard work. I personally think that all professors ought to be replaced with talking sock monkeys.
Fred became a professor at a college because he was too much of an idiot to get a real job.
by alfkowitz November 21, 2007
An institution that provokes higher learning after secondary education with extracurricular activities made availible to students.
The daily meeting of Pot Smokers/Nymphomaniacs Anonymous will now come to order........
by Sticky June 19, 2003
A waste of time and money.
Guy 1: Hey, man stop playing video games; they're college.
Guy 2: I know...
by bizzle207 April 12, 2010
A place your mom went to, according to Napoleon Dynamite.
"Your mom went to college."
by Losti March 21, 2005
A so called place of learning. Where you spend much time writing essays and having debates on useless subjects with arrogant men and women who think they are much smarter then they are.(see for more on arrogance) The smartest thing you can do, is drop out. It wont ruin your future, it wont make you stupider. it will just open your eyes to a differnt world

--Ex Univeristy of Toronto Skule (engineering) student. Who was passing with a 85% in my engineering, and 95+ in physics minor/intrest.
Man, college suckers so many people out their money and life...
by He who arises in might December 14, 2004
A place where you go to escape the real world, most likely out of fear. Your first 2 years of college is just a dignified boarding school where you take more classes you can take in high school, then you finally decide what you want to do by junior year when you finally got hit in the head a few times and realize that before your 30 that you should get married and have kids. College is not as spectacular as you think it is . You still got the drama, the jocks, the nerds, just like high school. You have homework just like high school and you still have a chance to act in a play or play a sport just like high school. Where else can you get access to a music production studio or play basketball. Very rare is real life. In high school, you can escape drama by going home to your mommy and daddy. Now you are forced to live with this smelly guy who pukes on your sociology textbook and feeds his math homework to his goats.
College is just high school on jolt. Same thing.
by kyle230 April 21, 2010

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