A place where lazy fuckers sit on urbandictionary.com all day posing as some guy called norton making fun of the wholehuman race.
What you do at college today dear?

not much but the FBI was after us for some reason or another
by Norton December 09, 2004
A place to sleep without the comfort of your own bed.
Sleeping in college where you can be heard snoring is never good!
by dirty Di September 20, 2005
a highly successful money-making scheme used to squeeze every last penny and brain cell out of innocent highschool grads without any benefit to them.
I decided to go to college. Now I want to kill myself.
by dirtbikechick October 03, 2008
A place you go to actually get a job that doesn't involve "Welcome to McDonalds, how can I help you" or "Excuse me sir, would you be interested in a survey".
I went to college and now make 45k a year. Joe didn't go to college, and works in customer service making 17k a year.
by Tong March 01, 2003
fun place where everyone likes to study their topic, no one drinks or no parties ever happen
I just learned something on chemical nuclear science today, How about you?
by Steve Hamil March 07, 2005
Complete, utter, and blissful irresponsability with no consequences except a lower decimal on your transcript.
Max and Andrew are in college
by TBags March 01, 2004
Adjective: You become college if you attend college and constantly flaunt your extracurricular partying activities as if you are the only one who does it. These include 'Dave' concerts, binge drinking, drug use, and hooking up. A person who can identify with being college is normally arrogant toward their weekends, and can even be found yelling "college!".
After overhearing the kids talk about how drunk they got at the f'n Dave concert they went to, Eric stated "Jeeze, those kids are pretty college."
by bort April 19, 2005

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