An institution designed to steal friends and leave high schoolers feeling lonely and dejected.
High Schooler 1: Oh, I'm going to hang out with my friend Bob today---oh wait, I can't. COLLEGE STOLE HIM. Along Sallie, Martin, Allie, Chris, Denis, Justin, Ellie, Stacy, Amanda, Jimmy, Marina, Genny, and pretty much EVERYONE COOL.
by itsfabiobtch September 25, 2009
All the way up until the late 1990's, if you had a college degree you stood out like a sore thumb on a job application. You were almost guaranteed a management position out of the box. Now days, everybody and their brother has some sort of degree, and since there is a high volume of degree holders in the market, the value of them has dropped significantly. As of 2009, there are more BA's and MA's working at Starbucks and grocery stores than ever before according to Forbes.

College use to be super cheap (UCLA/UCSB/Berkeley being only 10k a year including room/board/tuition back in the late 90's). Now those same schools are 27k a year. The average undergraduate having over a 100k dollars in student loan debt.

What I'm trying to say is that college use to be a no brainer investment, but now it is just the opposite. Unless you qualify for some serious FAFSA, Pell or Cal Grants, don't bother going because it simply isn't worth the debt if you're paying it out of your pocket. Instead, use the money you save by not going and invest into real estate or create your own business and be your own boss. Don't fall into the trap by thinking college is the only way to be successful
There are 1000's of college blogs, filled with 1000's of threads, with 1000's of posts of people who graduated with a 6 figure debt and are still working the same lame job they had in high school. Lets face it, no one out there gives two craps about what your interpretation of Shakespeare is, or if you know the definition of libertarianism.

Watch Steve Job's Stanford Commencement on youtube.
by life1221 July 03, 2009
A place where parents tell their children that if they never go there, they work in mcdonalds or become a prostitute. College is really a 4 year (5 if your stupid) waste of time and money in order to get a piece of paper that doesn't even get you a job because the economy is crap.
I went to college and now I'm in debt and have no job.
by Mr. Zimpy November 23, 2009
A institution of higher brainwashing run by washed out radicals from the 1960's Anti War movement who have also saturated the public school system. Unlike school college you have to pay money in enter either from yout own pocked or government aid.
In college you have to pay to learn bullshit.
by Anonymous October 21, 2003
-A widely accepted and legalized racketeering scheme in which parents and students pay upwards of $30,000 to voluntarily accept extremely leftist propaganda as well as have their, bank accounts, homes and other viable assets regularly forcibly raped after getting it good from a bank or student loan branch.

-There are many highly publicized myths, the most popular being, that there is rampant, uninhibited sex, and a bevy of busty wanton teens and young adult girls just waiting to have sex with any man who’ll have them. In reality, there is rampant sex, but everyone’s not hot, it’s sloppy, the girls are half-dead from booze and drugs, the guys go limp half of the way through and 1 out of ever 3 girls has been slipped something and ends up date-raped.

-The truth of the matter is, college is another form of high school with more ‘freedom’ less restrictions and triple the money paid. Or, more accurately a brainwashing “group” akin to the Manson Family or the Heaven’s Gate Cult.

College can however be a fun and exciting place, mainly for freshman and sophomores who can’t believe there is SO MUCH pot, coke, speed and alcohol readily available and mostly for free.
Twins Jessica & Ashley were given $50,000 each for college upon graduating high school.

Jessica moved to California and bought a house in the Valley outright.

Ashley got into a prestigious college, paid the entire $50K and now only ows Sally Mae $32,000.
by urbanr0cker May 10, 2008
A place where lazy fuckers sit on all day posing as some guy called norton making fun of the wholehuman race.
What you do at college today dear?

not much but the FBI was after us for some reason or another
by Norton December 09, 2004
A place of higher education where professors try to screw students out of their money by being hard-asses and make them drop out; also a place where sex and beer are rumored to be in plentiful supply :)
Steve: Damn, I had to do a 50-page report on the stock market! Hey John, what did ya do today?
John: I took a 200-question test with 10 essay answers. I only got 20 of 'em right. Hey Cris, what did ya do today?
Cris: I got laid, dude, plus I got drunk, and....SHIT! I forgot to study for the test!
by TigerX May 06, 2005
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