An overwhelming excuse to go out, get drunk, get laid, and soak up financial aid while everyone thinks that one day you may be a great leader of the world
Hey, what are you doin' tonight?
-Oh, not much just goin' to college.
by James the #2 August 27, 2008
A place you go to to complete your government brainwashing.
And you pay for it too.
by stupid fucks January 22, 2005
A huge waste of money. You'll spend assloads to get a worthless degree. Once you get out you will spend every single second of your day being harassed by the AES nazis while you're struggling to find a job. Don't laugh too hard at the guy at McDonald's flipping hamburgers you'll be there too once you graduate and more than likely he'll be your manager.

You also get the joy of listening to a bunch of dumbass ex-hippy professors try to fill your head with Communism and pointless dogma that's as worthless as tits on a bull in the real world.

Spending your student loan on lottery tickets is a more realistic goal than hoping to land a decent job with your degree.
Jim went to college and was a pompous ass thinking he'd get a great job out of it. Now he mows lawns.
by DennisIsevil September 07, 2006
Where your family tells people you're going when you're really going to prison.
"Well, he's going to college for 18 months."
"Maryville? I went to college there for 6-10..."
by eden May 05, 2005
the greatest scam ever.. A facility to go to get a degree which says you are eligible to work in a certain field. granted you do need to go to college to train for what you are required to do in a chosen career. you are required to pay absurd fees to attend and are required to take bullshit classes that do not apply to what you will be doing in your chosen career. these bullshit classes add up to about 2 years which in turn means double the money for the college.
none college
by ziptiesandwaffles December 19, 2009
1. High school redirected in a very expensive facility, concentrated with thousands of other crazy drunks, potheads, nerds, and hopeful virgins. It's the center where young adults feel free to do as they wish considering booze, drugs and sex are beknowngst parents, and only until holiday vacations are when their precious sons and daughters come home clean and sober (most of the time). It's the namesake of a heavily financial burden and longterm debt paid by the attendee soon after they (hopefully) graduate.

2. The Real World meets Animal House.
Girl: College is going to be awesome! I can't wait to meet all the guys!
Nerd: I will graduate with a B.S. in Physics.
Boy: I'm a Sigma Chi.
Professor: I hate these little bastards.
Parent: It's as if they're suckling on my retirement funds.
by Ronique S. July 04, 2006
n; (1) A place for students to gather to study their respective academia, meet new people, and engage in learning and intelligent conversation.

(2) A convenient way for parents to burn 40 grand+ so their children can drink (or smoke, or both), play frisbee, and major in a default subject so they can afford to do the previously mentioned more frequently.
(1) Douglas majored in guitar and music, which really shows because he is a phenominal player now. He also seems to be reading a lot and engaging in intellectual discussion.

(2) (Parent, at home): "Yes, we always knew Blake had a knack for business management systems, and we're glad he's following his dreams."
(Blake, at college): "Dude whatever you gotta drink that shit, thats like the second time you and Terry tried to restack the cups and not drink. Shah, seriously dude drink up."
by tito puente August 31, 2006
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