A highly expensive institution ran by fascist liberals. Ridiculously easy to get into, except for the stuck up ivy league college that doesn't really have anything special aside from its name.

The Pros:
-After four years of of bullshit, you'll get a piece of paper which will help you get a job
-Alcohol flows like water
-A higher concentration of easy women than in a ghetto
-Drugs are just a skip and a hop away

The Cons:
-After four years of of bullshit, you'll get a piece of paper which will help you get a job
-The professors are stuck up assholes
-The elitists (feminists, pro-gay supporters, etc) are stuck up assholes
-The liberal arts students are stuck up assholes
-The classes you are forced to take are bullshit
-The extreme work is bullshit

Basically, the cons outweight the pros, but you have no choice, but to go there. Fortunately, alcohol and drugs might help you through. Unfortunately, alcohol and drugs might get you kick out.
Hmm, where to go to? Harvard, MIT, Yale, Princeton, some private college near me, or my local community college?

Eh, some private college near me. It's closer, cheaper, and they all teach the same thing anyway.
by BusinessMan May 01, 2005
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a place almost like high school, but the professors(teachers) don't give a shit and you pay to miss class from having a hangover. endless partying and much sex going on. oh yeah....a place of learning for a possible descent career.
I am taking human sexuality at college next semester.
by caw'ledge May 03, 2003
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A place for people who are:

1) Scared to go out into the real world
2) Shelterd
3) Want to be average and middle class forever
Stake my own claim? In the real world? I would rather hide in college, so there is nothing to compare my failures to, except grades and a lifetime of loans.
by Brian Leeon January 16, 2006
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The ongoing party. You have the times where everyone loves each other and is in the best mood ever. Further on in the party people start to get bitchy, and angry, and confrentational. Then time passes and everyone is having an awesome time again.
I'm going to college
by Kowwin March 27, 2005
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An awesome place; no need for partying, we'll say. If you're trying to get into a Public or Private Ivy for graduate work (especially in mathematics), get to know your professors here. People give them a BAD rap, but they are good, honest people (for the most part). This is a place to lose yourself in studying, in research, in intellectual discussion. And no, it is NOT a waste of money (unless one so chooses) IF and ONLY IF you spend it wisely. I am a sophomore mathematics major, and I LOVE COLLEGE.
The best time of my life, college, from Southwestern Oklahoma State University in Weatherford, Oklahoma, USA.
by thewoklaresearcherfromwford April 09, 2009
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A place for people that didn't get enough from high school the first time.

An excuse for teachers to assign more pointless homework and tests to waste your time.

An excuse for popular kids to make fun of unpopular kids after high school.
I was told that I would have to relearn everything at my first job after college, which makes my classes pointless.
by killertomato2013 August 02, 2012
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where you party, get drunk and get laid.
Matt: I went to college, and now I'm a man!
by Disturbia Lady 009 August 22, 2008
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