A place where a student learns...how to drink until he/she passes out, the magic of adderall, and the presssure of his/her peers.
Man, I love college!

College is all about the parties, dude!
by Who's Askin? December 12, 2012
A place for people that didn't get enough from high school the first time.

An excuse for teachers to assign more pointless homework and tests to waste your time.

An excuse for popular kids to make fun of unpopular kids after high school.
I was told that I would have to relearn everything at my first job after college, which makes my classes pointless.
by killertomato2013 August 02, 2012
a place where you get a $30k piece of paper then go get a job that has nothing to do with that piece of paper.
person #1: "you going to college next year?"
person #2: "no."
by tropicaljay April 11, 2014
A institution of higher learning where the teachers notes are faulty and the textbook questions are unexplained.
If you call someone a "nigger" in college that's offensive, but if some nasty dolt calls you a "faggot" then that's o.k.
by razzamatazibizzle March 07, 2014
Where good girls go bad and bad girls get worse.
I went to college and am still a virgin. #saidnoone
by College Genius March 24, 2013
A tertiary level institution where it is possible to obtain one or more or quite possibly non of the following,depending on where you go and who you are:

1. An STD
2. Liberal indoctrination
3. Free or heavily subsidized beer (parties)
4. An Education usually in the form of a degree or certificate.

College is usually referred to as University in most countries outside of the U.S.A but is its equivalent except in the UK and Ireland where College refers to pre-university or A-level education.
Me went to "college" where me get edumucation and now me smart.
by Groudie September 01, 2011
A place that I want to go to get a degree, but at the same time, I want to say "fuck you!" to my family by not going.
Son: Fuck no! I ain't going to college.
10 years later, son is a world-famous rockstar while the mom is sobbing in her grave.
by MetalHead16 January 29, 2011

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