(Adj) Of or relating to college activities specifically relating to alcohol, laziness, ramen noodles and/or poor decision making skills.
Dude, why are there ten holes in the wall?

No clue, but my hands are killing me.

so college.
by tckdtp March 18, 2009
Jail or Prison, often referred to as such only when the occupant will be away for numerous years.
Yo Freds away at college for a while
by Tmaglio December 13, 2006
A place where you look for a sense of belonging while eating yourself into a food coma.
I ate myself into a food coma in college.
by urbanflurbin February 24, 2015
1. Where I go and work my ass off every day learning diffeq and pchem and such, but its apparently expensive daycare.

2. One of the most popular institutions to rip on.
Guy 1: "College is such a joke, man. You pay tons of money to get wasted and learn nothing related to the real world. I don't even use anything I "learned" there. You should drop out."

Guy 2: "Interesting. What was your major again?"

Guy 1: "Communications"

Guy 1: "Oh, right. And yea, I'll take fries with that."
by N0Pistons October 02, 2011
Evil assrape of your time and money, but necessary for a decent career path.
I just graduated college, it took 5 years and im $100 thousand in debt.... WooHoo!
by Sp1d3rman April 03, 2011
A library on the UW-Madison campus where people go to if they want to procrastinate, socialize, check facebook, or smoke outside the building and be all cool like that. There are usually over a thousand sorority girls with painted faces in college every night.
"You wanna go to college?"
"No, I can never study at college"
by kyuker November 15, 2009
College (Latin collegium) is a term most often used today to denote an educational institution. More broadly, it can be the name of any group of colleagues (see for example electoral college, College of Arms). Originally it meant a group of people living together under a common set of rules (con-, "together" + leg-, "law"); indeed, some colleges call their members "fellows". The precise usage of the term varies among English-speaking countries.

The group on the infamous 'Circle Line 3' shall be assigned punishment by a jury of 3, with evidence provided by a college of many.
by Chav Kind October 07, 2006
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