The place where you build your beer bong community. Also defined as a place where male humans find fresh female humans to ride on.
"Better wash your balls and brace for unexpected blowjobs because we're going to college!"
by Ertceps March 12, 2014
(adj) Something that is considered a waste of expenses and the number 1 cause of stress in today's teens (not to mention the paying parents).
I didn't want to buy those SAT study guide books because I thought they were so college.
by silver2500 December 14, 2010
1- a place that rips you off
2- a time to get high, drunk, and laid all in one day...then go to class the next
3- a time to do whatever the hell you want without any direction
4- a time to spend 8 years of your life because you never want to enter the real world
"Dude, college rapes my ass a lil more with each class I take."
by 00IlOvEcOlLeGe00 July 04, 2009
This place is the best place to go if you are to become something like a doctor, or scientist, etc. Basically if you need to learn and study the aspects of a serious field then you should go.

Otherwise? Don't go. It's the biggest waste of time since wasting time was invented. You learn all about nothing, do assignments on nothing, read and watch nothing, listen to the teacher talk about nothing, and you do this day after day after day.... Until the weekend where you do things you like to do and rest up to get through another week of pointless nothing! Forget anything you've ever heard about college. Yeah, that prhrase about college being "the best time of your life is a major scam!" There are a lot of professions where college is unnecessary. But hey, don't let me stop you if you want to go. - Just don't come crying to me once you find out your mistake because all I'll be able to do is say "I told you so!" Good luck!
Girl #1: "I am totally hating college right now. I have transferred twice and I still don't see the point in all of this, I just want to work on a cruise ship!"

Girl #2: "Oh my God, me too!!! This totally sucks, but at least we have each other. Hey when the summer comes let's both get a job on a cruise ship and never go back to school."

Girl #1: "Sounds like a plan to me!"

Girl #2: "We are so out of here!"
by Waterlily April 18, 2012
A place where you can waste 40 thousand dollars and spend time drinking and smoking weed, all while gaining useless knowledge and ending up in a hell hole of shit after 4 years.
Don't go to college
by oldskoolpothead420 April 26, 2011
a boring place of optional higher education, which often results in the careless abuse of alcohol, drugs, tobacco, and certain situations involving some form of sex...
I was supposed to be in class but i got drunk and found some horny girl in the freshman dorms and got and gave her a dirty raccoon....MAN I LOVE COLLEGE
by woolleybooger February 11, 2011
As an adjective, any sort of typically degenerate behavior. Usually said in the context of sexual promiscuity or alcohol related misconduct.
Celeste: I woke up naked and didn't even know which dorm I was in.
Haley: Omg Celeste stop being so college!

George: It's Wednesday night, so obviously we're hitting the bars and getting blackout.
Adam: How college of you!

Celeste: COLLEGE!
by geoffmuuuucha November 09, 2009
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