college is where girls go to get fat
- At the start of college -

Robert - Damn son, check out that hot bod on Alice

- At the end of college -

Robert - Damn son, check out that wagon on Alice
by iliketoeatmeat August 26, 2008
A phrase that can be yelled by any college student, excusing them for anything wrong or criminal they just did.
After college student sets fire to a cop car and pukes on it:

Cop: Your in big trouble son...why don't you come over here and...
Student: COLLEGE!!!!
Cop: Oh, haha....I understand. I did some crazy stuff in my younger days as well. Your free to go.
by COLLEGE March 25, 2008
-The biggest mistake of my life.

-Do not fucking bother.

-A great way to dig yourself into infinite debt.
Thanks to my poor judgement, I now have to spend the next 30 years paying back every dime I make to my college!

If any moron can get a degree these days, what's the point of spending the money?
by I_HATE_COLLEGE January 19, 2012
The place where you build your beer bong community. Also defined as a place where male humans find fresh female humans to ride on.
"Better wash your balls and brace for unexpected blowjobs because we're going to college!"
by Ertceps March 06, 2014
the reason why I'm not yet technically considered an alcoholic
Greg: You've drank every single night this week. You're for sure an alcoholic.

Brian: It's not considered alcoholism until after college, my friend.
by YuppyTheYuppie September 06, 2010
place where you go to smoke fat joints and get soaking wet drunk toking alcohol bongs and getting blowjob+reacharound playing football at 3:00 am in college cafeteria building a self rolling joint.
yo on a scale from 1 to college is that???
by CollegePimp303 September 04, 2008
Adjective. Someone who's against a lot of things, and is very political in their arguments against other people. No matter what someone says, they will have an argument against it.
Julia: "Ugh this meat is yuck."
Cristina: "There are millions of starving children in Ethiopia who would kill to have one morsel of your meat, and you're not eating it on the basis that "it's yuck"? You have no consideration for anyone."
Julia: "Ugh you're so college."
by Julia_S February 26, 2007
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