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A magical place where it is rumored that learning takes place, although to those who enter it is often described differently afterward, as a beatiful land in which beer flows in amber currents next to a golden pasture, where virgins lie naked with gentle smiles upon their calm, inviting faces; but more precisely, a Shangri-La rite of passage into adulthood which involves rampant consumption of alcoholic beverages, flagrant and promiscuous sexual behavior, and a general and fundamental disregard for any form of responsibility by its habitants.
Thank you sir, may I have another?
by Phlagellum September 23, 2003
The loneliest place that I ever been to.
(From a recent online conversation)

- So you went to American college. That means that you were partying non-stop, right?

- Nope, not really.

- Well, I saw some American movies and I thought that this is the only thing that everyone is doing in college.

- Yeah - you can see zombies and walking dead in American movies too. Doesn't mean that they actually exist.
#college #boredom #hell #prison #umass #boston
by Stereot March 31, 2011
a place you go where you actually pay them to brainwash you

why pay money to become an institutionalized,brainwashed,mindless,zombie,robot?
college kids are such dicks,fuckin preppies who try to act like hippies but instead are just sexually confused communists who whine like pussies
by dr teeth December 08, 2003
A place where you can be happy you got admitted to just because of the color of your skin and not because of who you are or the merit you possess, only to later be propagandized by a socialist, pinhead professor who has a brain no larger than a grapenut that tries to spread his America-hating propaganda on you.

A place where horny, young adults go to allegedly get an education but enage in drinking binges and have sex afterwards.
College is an awkward stage for early adults.
#affirmative action #reverse discrimination #propagandize #education #universities
by krock1dk May 25, 2008
chicks and beer
i love college
by ka'lidge June 27, 2003
The new high school.
After I get out of college maybe I'll go for some higher education like my doctorate.
#college #party #education #doctorate #school #learning #society
by Miles the Magnificent August 30, 2010
A place where sleep is never found.
Hey man, I have this 20 page research paper I haven't started because I was partying all night last night, yeah I'm going to have to pull an all-nighter, it's due tomorrow, but hey that's college
#school #class #university #rest #students #papers #tired #dead
by angelcb007 November 21, 2010
1. When you graduate your parents be like, "Get yo smelly ass outta my house and in college." and it's all like learning and shit with professahs.

2. Place were skank ass girls go to get f-cked in the -ss because they sleep with everyone in the sorority.
1. "Mom make me turkey sandwhich."
"Get yo smelly ass outta my house and in college"
"Shut yo skank ass up woman and make me my damn turkey sandwich."

2.Sorority slut kelly has slept with the entire Football team, all her proffessors, and all her sorority sisters at College.
by DontbeHatin April 28, 2005
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