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Modern English, Colloquial: United States
The act of walking from ‘A’ to ‘Zed’ with blatant, flagrant and wanton disregard for your local municipalities open container laws.
We ran out of time to pre game, lets just college it.

Mike: Chris, can you pass me a beer?
Chris: Here. Take 5, were going to college it to Andrew and his manpanion Bill's place.
Mike: Dude really? Last week I walked in Andrew giving Bill a Finland Facemask. I don't really wanna go.
Chris: Ohh yea I remember you telling me that...Fuck it, they have a 60 inch tv - grab the whole thirty.
by Mike Chris Bill Andrew November 24, 2007
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When you are chillin with a bunch of friends (which include girls) and you are going to wack off, but dont want to say it infront of the girls.
"Ok guys im gonna college it right now, ill be back soon" . . . .(girls look confused)
by Mansonk2 May 26, 2006
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