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A diet that consists in approximately one meal a day. This meal is often of little or no nutritional value, and may be fast food or even a bag of chips from a vending machine, eaten while sitting in class waiting for the prof to arrive.

The college diet can be employed for a number of reasons, chief among these are a lack of funds with which to purchase food, or a lack of time in which to prepare and eat a balanced meal. Lack of desire or perceived need to eat because of side effects from ADD medicine or other sources is also a cause.

Weight loss is inevitable when the college diet is combined with the natural daily exercise one gets from walking from class to class carrying a heavy backpack.
I have no time to eat in college; I'm on the college diet.
by sambarnes February 24, 2008
51 8
Not having time to eat between studying, sleeping, and working.
The college diet is in full effect at universities.
by Ivanna Humpalottt January 06, 2008
28 9