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This is one of those kids you know mooches off mother and father. Preferably for laundry every two weeks, meals, money, the whole shebang. Has a decent job, but finds that the luxuries of mum and pop are just too good to give up just yet.
John: "Hey, where you going for the weekend?"
Kevin: "'Rents house. I'm just gonna college bum it at their place, I need clothes cleaned soon anyway."
by shelac attack August 04, 2010
a "student" that you've seen in college since you were a freshman, and you are currently a senior, but that "student" was definitely not a freshman or a sophomore when you entered. Let me explain, a college bum, is a super grand senior that has been attending for more then 6 years, changed majors 3 times, keeps a very low GPA, takes only 2 classes a semester, and is not up to par when it comes to appearance. Oh, and is seen at every party drunk.
hey, i seen that kid since i was a freshman, but i know he was like a senior when i entered, oh he's just a college bum
by Rob Dinero February 20, 2008