One with the characteristics of a cleptomaniac just with a certain topic or idea and without the criminal side.
My brother is a collector of rocks and has about 152 in his sock drawer.
by A Masshole June 27, 2003
Top Definition
1. Someone who accumulates objects, such as antiques, trading cards or coins as a hobby.

1. A person who demands money from a borrower or credit card holder who has defaulted on paying the amount lent to them; communication is either done by phone or letter.
1. My neighbor is the biggest collector of luxury cars.

2. The more your dues, the easier the bill collector will find you.
by nottooimportant December 17, 2006
A girl who collects guys she doesn’t intend to date. A girl who ‘calls dibs’ on guys. A girl who pretends to be interested in multiple guys because she enjoys the attention.

Girl A: Hand’s off, bitch! Bobby is mine!
Girl B: You are such a collector!
by SARS1027 September 17, 2008
What a heavily tattooed person prefers to call themselves.
The local tattoo artist is a collector: he's tattooed everywhere!
by MEISJUNK December 10, 2007
Someone who collects money from hookers. See also: Pimp
Krysti, a prostitute, gave some money to the collector after a night of prostituting.
by Anonymous June 18, 2003
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