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Military slang for the mass murder of civilians through the use of weapons which are known in advance to be imprecise and/or to cause damage across a large area (e.g. cluster bombs).
Dead babies in Fallujah.
by troops out of Iraq! April 27, 2004
This phenomenon occurs when you drop a turd and the impact of the poo on the water sprays your butt-cheeks with a mocha coloured combination of dookie and toilet water. Most of the time collateral damage occurs when slaying diarrhea, since the glugy like substance enters the water at a fast rate thus creating alot of spray. Furthermore collateral damage occurs when taking a huge, but clean and fast individual log that enters the water in such a manner that it creates a fluctuation in water surface sending water particles to your ass. This is a weird sensation and is most effectively avoided by laying a thin layer of toilet paper in the toilet giving your beazley a smooth landing surface. Also this phenomenon can be avoided by dropping a grogan, which is a marvel if achieved since only the strong and the wise can do this.
"My ass is wetter than an indonesian swamp after that collateral damage"

"I just slopped the fattest diarrhea which caused monstrous collateral damage"

"Theres collateral damage all over the bathroom wall after i dropped that insane beazley!"
by beazley ripper ft. G napes May 25, 2010
Refers to getting two kills with one shot on C.O.D. i.e. you aim at a guy with a sniper rifle and shoot, not knowing there is another person behind him. The bullet goes through the first guy and kills the second guy thereby giving you two kills with your one shot.
Guy 1: " did we BOTH die?"

Guy 2: "The guy who shot me must've gotten collateral damage on you."
by TranscendentLion January 18, 2011
When someone is having major issues in their life that are totally unrelated to you but for some insane reason they are taking it out on you. You are now collateral damage in a fight that they should be having with someone else.
When Julie caught Tommy cheating on her she became convinced that all her friends were sleeping with him. She exploded on everyone and we were all collateral damage.
by Sugar Heather February 05, 2010
Ejaculating on a spectator who was not part of the sexual act.
Becky was collateral damage, but if she'd been participating at least it would've only been friendly fire.
by Rome House February 23, 2012
The act of passing on an std twice in one night
i caused some serious collateral damage at the bar last night
by the friendly farmer November 26, 2010
Needless explosions causing loss of woman/children and or irreplaceable artifacts
"Generic military rank is celebrating the capture of whatever city in small warring country by coalition forces done with minimal collateral damage"
by Pheidippides December 26, 2003
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