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colibri is a male from melbourne australia and he is just simply awesome from prawning noobs back in eMOD on samp or ripping it up on css with teh keyboard militia in 07.
colibri of course isn't his real name rather his screen name.
if your lucky enough to know colibris real name your a trusted friend :P or you got it out of reyalp.If you wish to contact colibri you may email him at jamster54@gmail.com colibri is also a :P addict he will use :P whenever he can :P :P colibri also expresses appreciation for the noobs he has played with over the years especially the emod boys
and ofcourse josh
plus anybody else I may have missed out on:P
colibri also expresses his love for =bdc= past and present members.
colibri would also like to say ash=sex0rz
"wow man colibri just pwned me"
"he must b hax"
"no wai just pr0"
by colibri January 12, 2007

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