: A band famous in Europe.
: Chris Martins band.
: The most amazing band in the universe.
: Known for amazing concerts.
: Albums like Parachutes, X&Y, Rush of Blood to The Head,and just recently Viva la Vida.

All the guys: So what do you like to do?
Sarah: Listen to Coldplay.
All the guys: Dang, I want that
by Websters Encyclopedia September 09, 2008
One of the greatest bands in the world. Composed of Chris Martin (lead vocals/guitar), Jonny Buckland (lead guitar), Guy Berryman (bass), and Will Champion (drummer/multi-instrumentalist). Their music is 'very heavy soft rock' as described by Chris Martin.
Coldplay started in 1998 with their first songs Ode to Deodorant and Brothers & Sisters. They signed with Parlophone, and the rest is history. They have released 4 albums: Parachutes, A Rush of Blood to the Head, X&Y, and Viva la Vida. They won a Grammy award for the song Clocks.
Coldplay is not Radiohead, nor are they U2.
Guy is the hot one.

lady 1; do you like Coldplay?
lady 2: I'm a hard core Coldplayer!
lady 1: awesome
by AROBTTH November 07, 2008
Coldplay is U2 Lite...a blatant ripoff of the better band.
Wow, Chris Martin tries way too hard to be Bono and whoever the hell their guitarist is rips off the Edge's unused chords! Coldplay needs to be ORIGINAL
by Somebody wicked cool June 05, 2006
basically, you're gay if you DON'T listen to them.
Me: Awe, man, I love Coldplay. "Fix You" always makes me cry.

Fag: This shit is retarded.

Me: You don't listen to Coldplay?

Fag: Hell no, that's pussy shit.

Me: You're a fucking fag. Coldplay is the shit.
by sadiejo April 18, 2010

origin: making a play, an attempt to 'pick up' a mate in a social atmosphere. cold, not warmed up, not ready to perform. coldplay, a play for an unsuspecting victim

v. coldplayed, coldplaying, coldplays

1. The act of a group of male homosexuals gang-raping a heterosexual victim of the same sex then drawing straws for felching rights
Did you hear what happened to Bob in the Dairy Queen washroom? He was the victim of a coldplay.
by coldplaynickelback January 18, 2011
The act of necrophelia.
I heard big Tam who works in the morgue is into a bit of coldplay...
by ScottW April 11, 2006
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