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a band to listen to in the bathtub while your crying and masturbating using your tears as lubricant
She broke up up with me so i listened to coldplay
by bitchplease1111 November 11, 2011
A band great for someone who has never listened to Radiohead, U2 or Oasis. You basically have to have very bland and generic music tastes to enjoy them. Being a Coldplay fan is like the music equivalent of enjoying Twilight.
This douche "Coldplay is so awesome!"
Me "Well they're okay, but they are nothing special."
This douche "Shut up! I bet you listen to Fall out Boy or Panic! at the Disco! Loud music without depth or soul!"
Me "Um, know, not liking one band does not entail that I like these bands at all. Just let me listen to whatever I like to listen to."
This douche "Idiot!"
Me "Just leave me alone."
by ThatOneGuyYouGrewToHate July 23, 2012
The practice of playing random, unknown or new music for the first time.
As in:
"A cold play of the early recordings of Daft Punk, then Baby Geniuses and Paula Abdul."


Sam just got insert here yesterday and tried playing it/singing it/ burping the syllables through a straw/digitally remastering and re-releasing it backwards.
by skitto December 19, 2008
A paltalk term for a man who is able to walk, wank and talk at the same time
Look that man is doing a COLDPLAY

Last night I did so much coldplay
by 4playangel July 25, 2011
The band that Bono wipes his ass with.

"Here, take this Coldplay album cover."

"Aw, cheers mate!"

by Degree7 August 10, 2009
(adj.) to play an excruciatingly and annoyingly-accurate cover version of a song
They totally coldplayed that Van Halen tune "Running With the Devil", complete with perfectly executed David Lee Roth-style chest howls and scissor kicks.
by brushed December 12, 2010
Foreplay performed on a sex partner who is not in the mood, not feeling well, still sleeping, or otherwise non-responsive to romantic overtures.
"Oh, hon. I love making love with you, but no matter how much coldplay you perform, I'm just exhausted and want to sleep some more, OK?"
by Chad5500 May 23, 2014
The act of sexually fiddling with a corpse in a mortuary. Not limited to any particular gender. Or species.
Rob was into coldplay, and was caught finger-banging Gwyneth Paltrow's corpse as she lay on the slab.
by COCK PVNCH May 26, 2014