a band to listen to in the bathtub while your crying and masturbating using your tears as lubricant
She broke up up with me so i listened to coldplay
by bitchplease1111 November 11, 2011
A verb. To coldplay. The act of taking someone else's idea and passing it off as your own.
Man 1: Hey check out this cool hat
Man 2: Yeah thats a pretty sweet item of headgear there


Man 1: Hey whats that on your head?
Man 2: Oh, um, nothing...
Man 1: Dude you totally coldplayed my idea.
by makuus July 09, 2009
a terrible excuse for rock music
they really deserve the genre "alternative bullshit"
did you hear that song?
wait....that was a song.i thought that was some crappy ass garage band.
no man that was by coldplay
by bragkiller December 20, 2008
Way overrated band that just sounds like noise.
Coldplay sucks...quite a bit.
by asy September 03, 2006
A forgotten secret Nazi vengeance weapon next to the V1 flying bomb and the V2 rocket.
The use of Coldplay on the civil population causes severe social problems such as: mass depression, mass self-pity, mass nausea
and also brutal anger in partially immune civilians.
Long term effects include severe debilitation and apathy.
Coldplay on the radio:
"Is there anybody lost and hurt(...)"
*Mass Sobbing*
by n008 April 11, 2009
From the 40-Year Old Virgin: You know how I know you're gay? Because you listen to Coldplay.

Seriously, these guys suck.
Coldplay sucks more than $2 whore.
by Wes 2K March 17, 2006
A band from Britain containing four powerful and intelligent members, Chris Martin (vocals), Jon Buckland (guitar), Guy Berryman (bass) and Will Champion (drums). Originally called Starfish, they first hit it big with their song "Yellow" which is on their debut album, Parachutes. Since their first album in 2000, they have released two more sensational albums, recently releasing X&Y which became the best-seller in Europe and America.

Coldplay gets a lot of crap from people who dislike them. It's either you love Coldplay or you hate Coldplay. However, Coldplay writes very philosophical lyrics and people complain and say that they want to be the next U2, but they sound nothing like U2, but they sound like Radiohead, but both bands are still stellar.

Chris Martin is currently the poster child for the Make Trade Fair charities and for OXFAM.
Coldplay does some amazing work both on and offstage. We all should be thinking about what they're doing for the world instead of maybe hating on them like many people like to do.
by Mr. Squakity October 02, 2005
1. A shitty newb Brit band that thinks they're the greatest band in the world, as claimed by Chris Martin.

2. A band that fails to realize they suck, and that they should bow down to the likes of Radiohead, U2, Oasis, and Depeche Mode.

3. Any band capable of producing/performing fucking annoying music, as demonstrated by their song "Clocks" - which redundantly cycles the same scales of notes for the entirety of the track.

4. A band in which any of its members give their children stupid names like "Apple"

5. A band that relies on simple riffs and time signatures, lacking the complexity that bands like Radiohead are capable of writing in the their sleep.
"Haha Greatest band in the world? You guys gotta me shittin' me, you stupid Coldplay!"

"This song must be by a Coldplay because it's driving me fucking insane."

"Hey, that sounds like an easy song to play/write. Is that a Coldplay track?"

"Oh, you named your kid Orange? So you must be part of a Coldplay."

"This can't be the work of Ed O'Brien. It's got the simplicity of a Coldplay."

"Thom Yorke has more skills on the guitar, piano, and vocals than the frontman of this Coldplay."
by Guitar Goddess November 13, 2006

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