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a band to listen to in the bathtub while your crying and masturbating using your tears as lubricant
She broke up up with me so i listened to coldplay
by bitchplease1111 November 11, 2011
370 178
The band that produces thirty second songs on repeat for four and a half minutes.
Dude 1: Dude is your ipod on repeat?

Dude 2: No its just coldplay
by alexac720 September 11, 2012
62 17
A verb. To coldplay. The act of taking someone else's idea and passing it off as your own.
Man 1: Hey check out this cool hat
Man 2: Yeah thats a pretty sweet item of headgear there


Man 1: Hey whats that on your head?
Man 2: Oh, um, nothing...
Man 1: Dude you totally coldplayed my idea.
by makuus July 09, 2009
130 82
A forgotten secret Nazi vengeance weapon next to the V1 flying bomb and the V2 rocket.
The use of Coldplay on the civil population causes severe social problems such as: mass depression, mass self-pity, mass nausea
and also brutal anger in partially immune civilians.
Long term effects include severe debilitation and apathy.
Coldplay on the radio:
"Is there anybody lost and hurt(...)"
*Mass Sobbing*
by n008 April 11, 2009
173 130
a wonderful band.
go see a concert its beautiful.
in an awesome way.
look at the stars
look how they shine for you
and all the things that you do
by der der der August 17, 2005
938 899
a terrible excuse for rock music
they really deserve the genre "alternative bullshit"
did you hear that song?
wait....that was a song.i thought that was some crappy ass garage band.
no man that was by coldplay
by bragkiller December 20, 2008
190 157
Way overrated band that just sounds like noise.
Coldplay sucks...quite a bit.
by asy September 03, 2006
213 210
: A band famous in Europe.
: Chris Martins band.
: The most amazing band in the universe.
: Known for amazing concerts.
: Albums like Parachutes, X&Y, Rush of Blood to The Head,and just recently Viva la Vida.

All the guys: So what do you like to do?
Sarah: Listen to Coldplay.
All the guys: Dang, I want that
by Websters Encyclopedia September 09, 2008
350 359