A popular beverage drunk late at night in Chinatowns across the US and Canada; not to be confused with iced tea. Commonly the tea drunk is of unusual origins, such as St. Louis or Milwaukee, sometimes even Toronto. One peculiarity of such tea is that it often seems to be carbonated; the secret for doing this seems to be widely known, but has never been revealed.
3 AM. Miserable rainy night and the late-night diner is closed for renovations this week. Time to head over to Harrison Ave for some cold tea.
by connorbd@yahoo.com October 14, 2006
Top Definition
Refers to the practice of receiving alcohol (particularly beer) after legal serving hours. Specifically a practice in Toronto, in Chinatown. Generic and common brand beer is served in a teapot, so as to avoid detection from the authorities
It's 3 am, you're drunk and want to keep drinking. Head to Spadina, wander around Chinatown, walk into New Po King and order cold tea. Molson Canadian gets served to you in a teapot.
by c. in the t. November 07, 2005
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