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Tapping into the electrical wires of a street light to power DJ and MC equipment, and sound system, for the use of underground hip-hop performances and battles.

This term was popularized by the Flavor Flav / Public Enemy song of the same name, but since the term is not defined in the song, many assume the phrase to have other meanings.
"Aiyyo, power from the street light made the place dark!
I know a few understand what I’m talkin’ about"
- Mos Def (refering to the practice of cold lampin')
by HoWheels February 16, 2007
Synonymous with lampin. Layin' low, chillin' in the crib, not doing much of anything.
"...I'm lampin, I'm lampin, I'm cold cold lampin'" -Flavor Flav
by the snazz April 15, 2004
hanging out doing nothing; not unlike a lamp which does not move
yeah, we be lampin'
by veeman January 06, 2003
Night fishing for lamprey or other eels, originally in Florida.
We were cold lampin' on the panhandle until about 2 when the storm rolled in.
by billows October 09, 2007
one of those words with an origin that is hoplessly lost, yet someone tries to say they have "the true def"
any slang that is not reddily obviouse
by LARDY March 02, 2005
innactive, chillin', similar to the cool temperature of a light in a lamp that has not been used in some time.
We was in da crib, just cold lampin' like we do.
by Brian Gibson July 07, 2004
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