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To touch someone's posessions (i.e. food, office supplies, pillow, clothing...) with your penis. Usually done to someone who would not appreciate the fact that their stuff was touched by a penis.
When he left the room I took out my cock and cold dicked his coffee, sandwhich, and keyboard.
by The Mighty Mighty Justone July 28, 2006
49 9
The act of loveless sex. The type of intercourse that you might have with a Lady of the Night. Often both parties have come to a mutual arrangement to satisfy each of their needs. Following the act, the participants are often left with feelings of self-loathing and cheapness but this will by no means stop them from persuing further opportunities for a bit of cold dick.
Are you seeing that girl again tonight?
Yea, I'm gonna give her a bit of cold dick.


I need to find some tang. Gonna get me some cold dick action.
by Bill Oddie. June 08, 2012
6 1
A coined term for when you wake up in the morning early for class or work and your Johnson has shriveled up into a frozen tic tac. Usually occurs during the winter season and generally has no known remedies.
I was gonna go to class this morning but the sub zero weather gave me the worst cold dick known to man.

I had to email my boss and tell him I was sick cause there was no chance I was gonna work with that cold dick.
by Mr.ColdD April 11, 2013
2 0