Engaging in intercourse deviod of any enthusiasm. Usually caused by the other party's physical form, or lack thereof.
i just cold cocked this shapeless and uninteresting chick.
#cold cock #intercourse #planting the seed #inception #doing it
by wal-mart guy January 26, 2011
Top Definition
The act of punching or striking someone's face or head so hard, they are knocked out instantly.
Dude! Greg was in this wicked bar fight, and he got totally cold cocked by a biker!
by xXMcGuffinCoreXx October 05, 2003
To attack unexpectedly; same as blindside.
The SOB coldcocked me -- I never saw it coming.
by Jazzkitty September 21, 2005
To knock someone unconscious.
"When Bill and I fight, I'm totally gonna cold-cock that guy".
by Jon February 16, 2005
To beat up a male, and totally knock him out.
that hockey player got coldcocked, big time.
by ma March 15, 2005
Sending girls unrequested dick picks. Similar to cold-calling someone.
OMG, I can't believe Ryan just cold cocked me. I've never even been on a date with him!!
#cold #cock #unsuspecting #victim #call
by TSK12345 June 16, 2015
The act of building a giant snow penis in the front of a home unbeknownst to the home owner. This act can be done to the homes of friends, enemies, or strangers alike. Nothing Says "Hello Neighbor!" like a frigid mandick saluting strong in the front of one's dwelling! For added effect one can bore a hole down the length of the middle of the penis and run a garden hose to it. When the water is turned on the coldcock achieves full salute!
Tom was working until midnight so we went to his house before he returned home and coldcocked it!
#mandick #freezy freaky #dick #cock #winter
by broadviewbiz February 04, 2008
the act of placing your dick in the freezer, then smacking a bitch with it.
don't be the first to pass out at that party, you'll end up getting coldcocked.
#meat locker #ice block cock #hammer of thaw #icicle prick #etc.
by greenmonstahmsn.com April 24, 2008
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