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a boner which is freezing cold. Usually only occurs in those who have Cold Boner Syndrome (CBS). People who have a cold boner should typically fornicate with women who have icebox vaginas to avoid the tongue on the flagpole effect.
Guy 1: "my boner is freezing cold right now"

Guy 2: "I didn't know you had CBS!"

Guy 1: "Yeah, thats why my girlfriend looks like shit. I have to settle for those icebox vaginas, its a tough life."

Guy 2: "It's the cold boner life. Livin it, Lovin it, doing it."
by Phil Halberson February 15, 2011
When one is not in the ideal place or time to jerk off, and an erection occurs, the use of this technique is useful in getting rid of said boner. to implement the cold boner method, simply give your dick the cold shoulder by not thinking about it.
Guy 1: broooooo bro dude the other day, i was in math right? well this girls thong was escaping from her pants like her jeans were alcatraz. i couldnt look away and the boner soon followed. so instead of focusing on her luscious ass, or math, i focused on the tiles in the ceiling. my boner was gone in like two minutes.

Guy 2: yet another success for the cold boner technique
by Dr. Cobra cook March 16, 2010
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