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a term used to describe someone being dead

Originated from the Greek tradition of placing coins on the eyes or in the mouths of the dead so that the person could pay Charon, the ferryman, to row them across the river Styx once they reached the afterlife.
Bob: Have you seen Jerry lately?

Bill: Nope, but last I heard he's got coins on the eyes.

Bob: Oh man, that sucks!
#coins #eyes #death #greek #dead
by mchammerhang March 01, 2009
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Well, it's like this: You are dead and your eyes won't stay closed so they put coins on top of your eyelids when you are in the casket.
Duncan: Is that guy dead?

Daavid: Yea, he's got coins on the eyes.
#dead #casket #eyes #coins #cadaver
by noramouse June 06, 2007
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