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A small pouch used for storing valuables.

Slang: Another term for the human scrotum.
"Could you help me shave my coinpurse?"
by tf24 September 25, 2005
216 62
Testes, nut sack, scrot
"Would you shave my coin purse?"--Stewie, Family Guy movie
by Gunmetal Princess September 14, 2005
938 134
Ball sack
Bill slaps his coin purse on people
by Jizrod December 15, 2002
414 193
Term used to describe the male nut sack
His ballsack looks like a coin purse
by CrazyBastard November 26, 2005
376 198
The male scrotum.
1) Stewie Griffin said, "Would you shave my coinpurse?"
by Rick The Stick August 17, 2009
121 33
A coin purse is a man's ball sac.
Hey pal, I need some change, will you pull out your coin purse? or His girlfriend kicked him in his coin-purse.
by Cooper2013 July 11, 2013
4 1
Slang term for an organ of the body found only on males and Lady-boys, most know as the testicles.
Look schon Daddies got his coin purse caught in the spokes of his bicycle again. I shall have to get the doctor to give me a quick shuffty to sort it out.
by wuddawhist December 01, 2013
1 2