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to get pegged
or otherwise
hit by a coin.
OW! i just got coined in
the face!
by chicken-faceee November 03, 2007
Possessing great material / monetary wealth!
That geezahs well coined!
by sok August 26, 2003
A common missconception is that to 'Coin' a phrase means that you are the first person say/write a phrase that is then adopted by the general public.

In fact, to 'coin a phrase' is the first person to earn a buck from it - for example: in the press.
"When you come down to 'brass tacks' - if we may be allowed the expression - everybody is governed by selfishness."

All of the other known early citations either originate in, or refer to, Texas. It is reasonable to assume that the phrase was coined there, in or about the 1860s.
by lion paw March 28, 2008