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The shape of a male's private parts when he tucks his dick in between his legs, creating a male-gina; note the "coin purse look" effect
That dude just tucked his dick in between his legs, creating a mangina- it looks like a coin purse!
by Phurthur91 January 18, 2012
1. A small pouch used for holding coins
2. Slang for the femal genitals.
1. Can you get me a quid out of my coinpurse
2. Get your fackin' coinpuse out of my face, love!
by tus666 April 23, 2006
(noun) Slang. A woman's vagina, pussy, coochie, etc.
"She likes getting her coin purse cleaned out" (She likes receiving oral sex.)
by Wikkid/Bobby Eaton December 29, 2006
A vagina. Gets its name for the way it opens up, and because women often carry actual coin purses.
"Dude, you know I made that coin purse jingle!"
by Lemlngwlnx December 18, 2006
Slang term for vagina.
For example, female masturbation can be termed "ticking the old coin purse!"
by DCEskimo06 October 08, 2008
A the vagina of a prostitute. Named so because similar to a coin purse, it opens up for money.
Shiela's such a whore, she has the biggest coin purse in the city.
by wtfx2 May 29, 2006