The head caste in Ancient and future Israel, the koheinim (priests) are Levi'im (Levites) who are descended from Aharon ben-Amram-v'Yokheved HaLevi.
"Cohen" is a variant of "Kohein". In turn, "Cohen" has variants such as "Katz" ("Kohan Tzedek", as in Phoebe Katz (Cates) Klein), "Kagan" or "Kajan" (variants of "Kahan" or "Kahane"; as in Associate SCOTUS Justice Elena Kagan), "Kohn" and "Kahn" (as in John Kohn (changed to Kerry by his granddad, Fritz Kohn)), and "Cohan" (a variant of "Kohein" not to be confused with the variant for the Irish "Keohane", though that may have some, if any, origins among koheinim based in Ireland).
by Nickidewbear August 18, 2011
star of of the 1972 smash hit 'dirty jew,' it was banned in the US and most of Europen, but smashed box office records in Pacmanistan, kazahkstan, uzbekistan, tajikstan and swansea.
search imdb for more info on 'dirty jew,' and cohen cohen
by devinedj December 01, 2006
1. Verb. To pull a Cohen is to use inaccurate and inappropriate language or phrases to describe a simple (and generally understood) process, while speaking to the audience in a demeaning manner.
2. Adjective. Someone referred to as a Cohen typically talks from an experienced standpoint on something they have little or no knowledge of, often confusing or misrepresenting ideas or concepts. A Cohen is loud and has no problem speaking for a group of people, and often loses face with most listeners.
Don't be such a cohen!
by Yvan-r November 30, 2006
(noun) A person who is trusting of anything he reads on the internet, especially if he wants it to be true.
Hipster One: Can you believe Tristan thought all of Tucker Max's stories were true?

Hipster Two: I know! What a Cohen.
by fanofyancy March 29, 2010
To take food from someone's plate and then ask for permission to take it.
At dinner last night, Jennifer reached across the table with her fork, snagged one of my shrimp, and said, "Can I try a shrimp?" Before I could say, "Don't cohen my shrimp, bitch!" she'd popped it right in her mouth.
by Snegall's brother April 01, 2009
A "more than happy guy" that likes to play with his food and muck around with different women from different area codes, but also has an addiction with gaming, but isn't afraid to play a little xbox knowing it could demolish his house into rubble (due to the RROD).
This guy is such a cohen

Why does he play that here?
he could destroy my house with that thing!
by mr guru January 26, 2009
A cheap jewish guy who lives with his mom most of his life and thinks he's in a band.
"Remember that kid from high school who always wore the band shirts?"

"Yeah, I hear he hasn't done anything, he's turned into such a Cohen."
by Notlisted November 21, 2006
Lesbian obsessive little stalker who loves to put dick in his mouth
Hey, that kid wont stop following me.

Yea man, she's such a cohen
by aswerdlow June 01, 2016
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