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1. Displaying an intense lust for coffee, almost to sexual deviancy.

2. The act of "cruising" Starbucks or any other Coffee Shop with the sole purpose of getting laid.
This was what Lizzy wrote as an example of Coffeerotica:

"Good coffee is rich and delicious all by itself. A well-pulled espresso has a perfect cap of creama- not frothy cream -but the rich brown liquid that is the perfect mix of oils from the coffee bean and hot steam. It should not taste bitter or burnt. It should be sipped slowly, like a good wine, and enjoyed as the magic caffeine stimulates the brain like a familiar lover. I sit quietly, almost reverently enjoying my espresso and was almost in love with the woman who pulled it for me. I think I could love anyone who makes me coffee that good.

America is the supposed coffee capital of the world, I am assaulted daily by the candy flavored abominations spewed out by the fast food of coffee producers. To cover up the fact their beans are over roasted and smell almost barbecued, people drink concoctions that are more milk and sugar than coffee. There is no creama to be had. Khaki clad techies and yuppy housewives with jumbo strollers come in for their fix, but it is the equivalent of using methadone as a morphine substitute. You may just get enough caffeine to keep the edge off, but you’ll never get the sensuous decadence of a pure caffeine buzz.

Coffee is a sensual experience that starts with the first whiff of freshly ground, properly roasted beans. The scent tickles the olfactory nerves like a lover’s perfume. There is the impatient waiting for the cup, maybe a shuffling of feet back and forth in line, anxious and nervous. And then, oh the glorious cup in your hands, warming the skin and bringing the blood to the surface. You place your face over the rim of the cup to inhale the luscious hot steam. Slowly, tepidly you place your lips on the rim and take the first tentative sip. The dark liquid fills your mouth and surrounds your tongue before it slides down your throat. You relax, you have what you were looking for. Your brain starts to bubble with caffeine-induced inspiration. When you are finished, all that is left is a lipstick stain on the edge of an empty cup and a satisfied grin."

..... I want THAT cup of coffee!!!!!!

In a sentence:

"I'm meeting this girl I met on craigslist after work"

"oh, really?"

"yeah, at Starbucks. She's a hottie.... I hope I get some coffeerotica with my Frappacinno"
by Chas Tilden January 28, 2009

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