1. in Asian communities like Little Saigon in Orange County, CA, coffee shop girls are girls that serve highly caffeinated coffee in bikinis or lingerie, and work for tips... or could negotiated into having sex for cash
Lets go to Cafe Lu in Lil' Saigon and check out the hot coffee shop girls! And get some coffee I guess.
by Mehmer September 04, 2012
Top Definition
a girl that is usually dressed with a scarf, glasses, leggings, and looks like a stuck up bitch.
Look at that coffee shop girl, I wanna strangle her with her own scarf, it's fucking summer for gosh sakes!
by Big Sausage Pizzas October 27, 2008
Quiet and intellectual; a girl who spends her time alone or in the company of old novels. She often paints or sketches; perhaps she is a photographer. She will occasionally drink simple coffee, but can more often be found drinking herbal tea. She writes poems, lyrics, and sometimes stories, and is often a pianist. She is the girl that can be found in the corner of the suburban coffee shop or bookstore every morning, drinking her usual and reading with her glasses halfway down her nose. She is most likely a believer in true love.
Benjamin: "I heard Ned's going out with that coffee shop girl he met on Saturday."

Jane: "He better be careful. I hear girls like that are flighty. They're big believers in soulmates."
by BrittBrittBritt November 29, 2014
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