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A cheat device made by Pelican. It currently has support for the Playstation, Dreamcast, Playstation 2, and Gameboy Advance.

All their products are normally retailed at $19.99, which is very cheap compared to its competitors, Gameshark and Action Replay and can be found at any store that features a gaming section.

Its current version of 9.0 features hard-drive support (meaning downloading saves/codes to the hard drive to save memory card space) and has over 70000 codes for over 900 games.

It might have some codes that you won't find on other cheat devices.
Dude, Action Replay wastes on their time on the graphics. Get a Codebreaker, at least it spends their time on codes.
by Gearbox January 20, 2005
A bro that starts going out with your bae.
A Bro-code Breaker
A Bro that breaks the biggest rule in the bro-code: Bro's before Hoes
Freind:"So dude, i heard Dakota started going out with Bev. Isn't she your bae?"
Me: "Yeah. he is a total Code Breaker."
by RHSComic November 02, 2014
1) A device used by PS2 noobs in order to gain the upper hand on opponents, often by becoming invincible, having unlimited ammo, etc.

2) The signature move of professional wrestler Chris Jericho
1) That cunt just shot me in the balls through a wall before flying off in a rainbow streak! He must be a codebreaker!

2) And Jericho hits the Codebreaker on CM Punk!

Link for number 2:
by Anonymous90237 January 02, 2009
1.) a device used by PS2 online gamers who need an advantage against the competition and suck at the game. It allows the gamer to modify the game settings and become invincible, have unlimited ammo, etc. Can also be used offline for level skips, etc.

2.)a person who uses a code breaker
That fucker just flew threw the air, shot me in the head and then disappeared, he must be a code breaker.
by Radames November 25, 2003
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