1. an african-american -- source, any Chicago cop

2. someone of any race with a very large head, or

3. his head

4. Coconuts= big balls, courage.
"Look at the coconut on that coconut."

"Dude you got coconuts."
by Joe Bone March 07, 2005
An action of using your palm to hit someone's head.
That guy looks like a bird, let's go and coconut him.
by Maslin September 02, 2003
To 'coconut' an individual involves placing a coconut down your underwear and rubbing up against/dry humping an unsuspecting victim. Can also be a consensual act.
Helen decided to coconut Scott as he walked home
by razberry1990 February 10, 2010
1. n. Used in accordance with someone who is Indian, Goan, Maylay, Sri Lankan, etc, when they are born in Canada or USA and they are assimilated to the latters culture.

2. n. Someone Indian Goan, Maylay, Srilankan, etc, that is crazy. They are coco (brown) and a nut (crazy). They are brown, and crazy. For whatever reason.
1. Jephtinder didn't believe it until she went to the Green Day rock concert. She had never seen so many Coconut(s) in one place in her life.

2. Today we saw this baby blue volvo at a car show with mercedes headlights this audi a4 bumper. It was weird. The guy driving it was a coconut.
by CoconutColin June 19, 2005
blonde on the inside
"God, that girl may be a brunette, but she acts SO blonde"

"She's such a coconut!"
by Krissy March 25, 2004
A synonym for the female bottom. Typically used to describe a nicely muscled or rounded bottom.
I'm gonna get wit dat sweetie tonight and crack that coconut.
by Phizil August 28, 2003
A term in the fashion industry for a person who loves everything Chanel and has a vast assortment of Chanel products (bags, clothing, accessories, cosmetics, etc).
I just went in to Janey's closet and she is such a Coco Nut!
by theintern69 May 14, 2011

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