A word:
starting with a C,
with a U
and an N in the middle,
ending in a T.

This word describes something that's hairy on the outside and tasty and wet on the inside.

Also a word used to replace the derogatory term stated above to be used in a non-insulting way...however it's difficult to think of a time when you want to call someone a cunt, but don't want to be offensive.
Man/Lesbo: mmmm I love the taste of coconut.

Anyone: For gods sake, stop being such a coconut!
by CoconutEater April 20, 2009
A less harsh of a way to call someone an idiot.
Teacher: People are starving in countries out in Africa and Southeast Asia. *Points to student. So, Kevin, what can we do to help these starving people?
Kevin: Uhhh, maybe we can teach them how to cook?
Teacher: No, coconut! How can we teach these people how to cook if they don't have food in the first place?!
by mr_manatee July 04, 2016
A word used to describe an indian person who acts like a white person. Usually used as an insult.
Bianca is such a coconut.
by kushkush28 May 16, 2016
An Indian person who acts like a white person. Brown on the outside, White on the inside.
Look at him, what a coconut.
by D-azz January 15, 2015
Someone who has brown skin, but is actually the whitest person you will ever meet.
Nitasha is such a coconut.
by BossAssBitch22 October 09, 2014
A term used in reference to soldiers in Army AIT (advanced individual training) who fall for each other because they haven't been in the real world in a VERY long time.
When you are in basic and AIT you won't have many "love" choices. It's like being stuck on an island with only coconuts. Don't fall in love with the coconuts.
by theMIman April 16, 2012
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