A person of African decent cumming
I'm going to coconut.
I'm coconutting.
He coconutted all over me.
by caciamaan April 23, 2007
Something you see that you know you will think about when you masturbate later.
"Holy Shit!!...a parade of naked women! i got my coconuts for today."
by Bigjohnson2110 January 22, 2006
Store where music, movies, and games can be bought
The stupid customers that come to Coconuts should be shot in the face.
by kam February 28, 2004
The coolest person in the world. Even though she may be a spaz at times, she's super cool and is definitely one of the nicest people I know
Dude, Coconuts was being so awesome today. She gave me lunch money - and I don't even have to pay her back.
by Punani Pride March 28, 2005
a girl with extremely hairy tits
damn bitch you need to clip those coconuts
by horny bastard January 11, 2005
An Indian person who acts like a white person. Brown on the outside, White on the inside.
Look at him, what a coconut.
by D-azz January 15, 2015
Someone who has brown skin, but is actually the whitest person you will ever meet.
Nitasha is such a coconut.
by BossAssBitch22 October 09, 2014

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