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when a males cock becomes so physically stimulated by a female it feels like it might snap off,hence the sensation of a wrench clamped around a phallus
Shit man this chick last night was so good,just about had my dick caught in a cockwrench!
by kamikaze148 January 03, 2005
4 5
Slang for hands. In reference to grabbing or touching male genitals violently or aggressively.
Wash your cock wrenches

Keep your cock wrenches off my samich!

Look at the cock wrenches on her! I Bet she's got a kung fu grip!
by Doctor Ramshackle February 10, 2011
2 0
a chinnese burn performed on the penis whilst erected.
when a man cheats on his girl and thinks he gets away with it his wife/girlfriend may give him a cock wrench to resolve the problem.
by aaaaarochey March 24, 2005
8 7